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FAQ about IRIS:

Q: How to get access to the videos?

A: Free create an account on PVR.FUN site and bind your device with this account. Follow the Setup Guide included in the package to complete the process. Once bound, you become a PVR.FUN member.

Q: Is there any pre-loaded video in the VR device?

A: No, there is no pre-loaded adult video in the device BEFORE you bind it with an account on PVR.FUN site.

Q: What privileges do PVR.FUN members have?

A: You will enjoy 12 Months of Free subscription on PVR.FUN site which enables you to free download 1 PVR Welcome video, 52 Weekly videos (1 video updated each week) and get $5 registration bonus.

Q: How to unbind my IRIS device? What if I unbind my IRIS device?

A: Go to PVR.FUN site and click Device in User Center. Then there will be a UNBINDING option. Once the device unbound, your PVR.FUN membership will be ended and you have no way to watch the videos you’ve bought on PVR.FUN.

Q: Can I save the downloaded videos in IRIS to a SD card and play on Non-IRIS device?

A: PVR videos can only be played on IRIS since the video format is encrypted to protect our copyright.

Q: Can I download VR videos from other websites or platform to a SD card and play them on IRIS device?

A: Yes, but these videos must be trans-coded first and you can find the trans-coding tool on PVR.FUN site Click here to get the instruction.

Q: Can I buy videos on IRIS device? Or I have to buy on PVR.FUN site?

A: You can only buy on PVR.FUN site for now and the purchased videos will be synchronized to MY LIBRARY of your IRIS device.

Q: Why should I download every video to watch?

A: Only when downloaded, can the videos be played under the best resolution and full length.

Q: If I return the device within the membership period, can I bind another new IRIS device to my existing account? And will the membership period recount?

A: You can bind another new IRIS device to your existing account only when the former device gets unbound. And once a new IRIS device is bound, your membership period will recount.

Q: Can I still buy videos on PVR.FUN and download them to my IRIS device when my membership expires?

A: Yes you can still buy videos from PVR.FUN and download to your IRIS device. But you can no longer free download the weekly updated videos.

Q: What format of videos are acceptable for IRIS?

A: MP4, 3D LR, 180°video format will be acceptable.

Q: How many videos maximum is IRIS able to saved in its internal memory? Does it support external SD card?

A: About 4 videos (based on 20 mins/video). We recommend using Micro SD card (Class 10, UHS-III, read speed 100mb/s, write speed 60mb/s) with extFat file format for best viewing experience.

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